KRM product Code: KHF-095-XRVB LED


  • LED light source.
  • Provides high luminance uniformly.
  • Soft film clips to instantly grip the film.
  • Built-in power adapter: 240V, 50/60Hz.
  • Can be wall mounted or on the desk top.
  • Supplied with cable, adaptor.
  • Available in 4 screen sizes.

Options: At extra cost. Please specify option(s) to be added to product.

(A) Intensity can be adjusted by digital dimmer.

(B) Automatic panel light on /off when inserting and removing film.


Code Screen size Approx. View area
(L x H) mm
Power Consumption
01 Single 350 x 430 18W
02 Double 710 x 430 24W
03 Triple 1245 x 430 45-60W
04 Quadruple 1425 x 430 45-60W

Shipping: Assembled.



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