KRM product Code: KHF-141-NEUATT


A 3 pin Neuro attachment used for brain surgery. It has been designed and manufactured to meet the demanding needs of Neuro Surgeons.

• Provides a 360° rotation positioning of the head system.
• Adapts to all major head rest and skull clampsto the Mayfield three head pin base unit.
• Exclusive spring loaded mechanism provides assured stability and a secured lock.
• The skull clamp has the additional feature of a swivelling C-arm.
• The Swivelling feature greatly facilitates positioning of pins on the head around nerves, ves sels and thin bone in the temporal region.
• For better result the arm is locked by control knob and the width is adjusted by a ratchet mechanism.
• The 3 cone shaped pins available in adult and child sizes are interchangeable and can be removed for sterilisation.

Shipping: Assembled.



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