KRM product Code: KHF-147-AMBSTR


• An easy to load and unload auto 2-section stretcher.
• Legs fold automatically under stretcher when rolling into an ambulance.
• Legs unfold and lock automatically upon unloading.
• Back rest can be raised lowered by gas pump.
• Fitted with 3 adjustable, click lock harness straps.
• Fitted with collapsible I.V. Pole and collapsible side rails on either side for patient safety.
• Right hand and left hand control levers to unlock front and back legs respectively for knocking down when stretcher is to be loaded.
• Loading capacity: Approx. 150kgs.

Dimensions: Size (approx.): 1950 x 550 x 880mm (L x W x H).

Shipping: Assembled.



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