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We are among the leading manufacturers of high-quality herbal supplements , nutraceuticals, and ayurvedic products. In addition to the wide ranges, KRM Ayurveda Private Limited expertise in OTC range products can’t be left unnoticed. Within the Ayurvedic domain, we have established our contract manufacturing services across herbal, skincare, and psychiatric divisions. We feel proud in saying that we’re scaling at a fast pace.

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The day isn’t far when KRM Ayurveda Private Limited will be featured as a world-leading company in the healthcare sector. We, as an ayurvedic franchise company in India, are helping distributors and companies to have an advantage by connecting with a team that considers quality a ‘precious segment.’ Most of our products are manufactured by vendors in ‘special manufacturing units.’

Produced under the top-standard supervision, we bring out perfection in every product. We provide KRM Ayurveda Private Limited in India for Ayurvedic Herbal Products and Nutraceuticals in addition to being an ayurvedic medicine manufacturer. We never manufacture superior quality products individually, but we trust some reliable partners, and it’s because of their collaboration, we’re flourishing beautifully in this industry.

How We Execute?

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Apart from being said as the ayurvedic medicine KRM Ayurveda Private Limited company, our services expand to the realm of supplements as well. Fulfilling our role as a herbal manufacturing company, we lead you through the following steps.

  • Choose Your Product
  • Finalise package
  • Product Sampling
  • Finalisation of Artwork
  • Quote and Purchase

Choose Your Product

Our team of experts eases the selection process to prevent you from getting confused. Serving as one of the best KRM Ayurveda Private Limited companies in India, we present things in an organised manner to save you time.

Finalising Package

Dealing in best packaging designs and materials, we provide you with numerous templates to select from. We provide you with the best designing abilities and imaginative packaging.

Product Sampling

Our KRM Ayurveda Private Limited team will assist you throughout the process of product sampling. We smoothen your process by letting you finalise the products meant for your brand.

Finalisation of Artwork

The Design and Packaging is finalised as you sit and discuss your requirements with the designers. We make sure that you make the right pick as per your interests and budget.

Quote and Purchase

Coming towards the end, if you are pleased with what we have to offer you, our project manager will prepare the quote and proforma invoice as per your specific interests in KRM Ayurveda Private Limited products.

Our Product Range

We offer you a wide array of choices to select from and make the best out of your businesses. As a third party medicine manufacturer, we help make your brand boom to next levels!

Start your own Business by investing Rs.3 Lakhs (One Time)

Get entire range of Ayurvedic Products manufactured with us instantly, with your own Brand Names.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of quality standards does KRM Ayurveda Private Limited follow during the manufacturing process?

The products manufactured by KRM Ayurveda Private Limited do follow the quality checks and standards as set by the authorities. KRM Ayurveda Private Limited is GMP certified and does follow the desired set of standards.

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for manufacture of ayurvedic supplements from KRM Ayurveda Private Limited?

At present, there isn’t a particular restriction set. We are open to communication with our clients and like to proceed as per their needs and requirements. Based on product specifications, the most suitable MOQ within a given timeframe is discussed.

What benefits are offered by herbal supplements?

While there are numerous potential advantages to using natural supplements, four are particularly important: they can help with inflammation reduction, immune system support, antioxidant support, and nutrient restoration.

What is a KRM Ayurveda Private Limited pharma franchise?

Propaganda-less distribution, or KRM Ayurveda Private Limited for short, is a business model where a pharmaceutical corporation enters into a franchise arrangement with an individual or group of individuals. The KRM Ayurveda Private Limited franchise business handles the parent pharmaceutical company's product marketing and distribution rights.

Does KRM Ayurveda Private Limited offer customised ayurvedic solutions to its clients?

Yes, KRM Ayurveda Private Limited does get in touch with the clients to understand the requirements and design the project accordingly. The ayurvedic medicine company assigns a project manager so that a personalised approach can be followed.

Can KRM Ayurveda Private Limited manufacture ayurvedic supplements under a client’s brand name?

Yes, this is possible with the help of private labelling services offered by the company. We allow our clients to sell the private label herbal supplements or related products by using their brand name.


Custom Supplement Manufacturing

Designed with unique formulas, the products are all original and unmatched!

Private Label Stock Supplements

Equipped with latest trending supplements, KRM Ayurveda Private Limited have the lowest MOQ and lead times!

Impressive Packaging Options

Providing you with a wide variety of supplements, we let you select the best and stand out in the respective industry!

Industry Expert Label Designers

We make sure that your first impression on our labels remain to be unforgettable and complies with all regulations.


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In our research facility, we have cutting-edge equipment and resources to facilitate pharmaceutical KRM Ayurveda Private Limited. It enables you to introduce your brand’s new goods to the market.

Delivery of Goods

On time delivery of goods so that you are never out of stock and launch the products as per the schedule.

Unique raw materials

Unique raw materials and innovative constituent elements to help you get an extra edge in the market.

Tried and Tested Formulations

Tried and tested formulations that ensure product stability and efficacy.

Automated Manufacturing Units

Automated manufacturing units to produce the best quality products in no time.

Natural ingredients

Natural ingredients sourced from across the globe to ensure premium quality manufacture.

GMP Accreditations

GMP Accreditations accounting for credibility of the products.

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